Liquid Fleet

Liquid Fleet offer a range of quality vehicles available for business lease.

Welcome to Liquid Fleet

Liquid Fleet is the preferred choice of many companies. We own our vehicles outright and offer bespoke lease terms that could allow you, the company, to have the vehicles for terms to suit you. 

Why be tied to a long term contract when we can accommodate any contract from 6 months to 60 months to suit your needs. Additionally, because we own our vehicles, we have our own return standards policy (and probably the fairest in the industry) so our customers are only charged for damage outside our one, consistent standard. 

There are no third parties to return the vehicle to, who may enforce other, often more stringent return policies.

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Any customer of Instaspark would be entitled to a 1-month free rental based on a 12 month rental. The discounted rental will apply to the 12th month of the rental based on a 12 month 12000 miles per annum.